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Moose Deer Point welcomes Provincial Minister Leona Dombrowsky

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First Nations injection molding business on track for more expansion and upgrades after receiving provincial support to upgrade reliability of electricity supply

Moose Deer Point welcomes Provincial Minister Leona Dombrowsky

(Moose Deer Point, ON, May 6, 2008) Community leaders and residents of Moose Deer Point First Nation (located south of Parry Sound) welcomed the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMFARA), the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky to their community today. The focus of the Minister’s visit was tied to her responsibilities for Rural Economic Development and her government’s interest in ensuring the continuing evolution of Niigon Technologies.

Established in 2001, Niigon remains Canada’s only QS 9000 registered First Nation owned and operated injection molding facility. As a showcase for manufacturing automation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, Niigon focuses on the manufacturing of products for the automotive, electronics and food services industries. It sells products throughout North America.

Niigon Technologies Ltd. grew out of the shared vision of Chief J. Edward Williams and Robert Schad, founder of Husky Injection Molding Systems Limited,  to create a centre for developing highly skilled, knowledge-based career opportunities in the Moose Deer Point community.

It is wholly owned by the Moose Deer Point First Nation and all dividends are reinvested into community social, environmental, wellness, and infrastructure projects.

After touring the production facility, Minister Dombrowsky delivered news of the approval of $500,000 to install a new standby generator and an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS).  Minister Dombrowsky observed that, “This new power supply project will lead to the retention of 13 full-time positions and result in a $28 million investment in the community. It will ensure that Niigon and Moose Deer Point First Nation are viable for the long-term.”

Chief Barron King added, “We can not overstate the importance of the Province’s investment in stabilizing our electricity supply. It means we can now move forward with planned plant expansions and automation upgrades.”

The backup power system, which includes a Caterpillar 1200 KVA UPS, will provide a buffer from power surges and voltage flickers. With over 70 power interruptions last year, addressing electricity reliability is critical to reducing feedstock waste and maximizing the performance of the automated systems and specialized equipment. The UPS is expected to substantially reduce production downtime and increase output.

When thanking Minister Dombrowsky for her interest and attention to economic development in this First Nation, Chief Barron King, emphasised that, “higher productivity will mean more money reinvested in social, environmental, wellness and infrastructure projects within our community. With partners like OMAFRA, we intend to make Niigon a positive example of how technology can be used to create wealth in rural communities.”

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